Hello my lovely little love nuggets!

I’ve been a terrible blogger these past few months and, if we’re being honest with each other, it’s because I’ve been so burnt out. But no longer! The New Year has made me so excited for this year’s ventures–Even though my 2013 got off to a rough start; which is why I thought I’d share my little story for shits and giggles. Now this story strays away from the point of this blog, but I promise I’ll tie in some fashion/style related topics in there (however vague they may be).

My night started out with a bottle of champagne, as all classy people are aware, that’s how you ring in the new years. We make it to the bar and right after midnight, amongst all the drunken cheering, dancing, hugging and kissing I notice a tranny dance around me and go behind me, to which I feel someone grabbing in my back pocket. And when I reach back to see what had happened, my motherfuckin wallet was gone. I scour the bar for those platinum blonde locks and eventually cornered her near the bathrooms. Before I could even get a word out, she blurts out, “I don’t have yo wallet.” Well that was easy. I continue to reason with her, asking her to just return my wallet until I see 4 random strangers come up and also accuse her of stealing their phone and wallets. This bitch, then decides to bolt for the door– Now, normally it’s now within my instincts to to go balls to the walls, but having some (a bottle of champagne and 3 cocktails later) I went after her. I must’ve been the only queen who works out cause the others were slow to follow, so basically I was the only hope of ever returning with our stolen items. I eventually catch her, gasping for air and slightly nauseous I say, “You’re gonna stay right here, I’m calling the cops.” Not a smart move on my part, since she grabs my phone, throws it on the ground and stomps on it– I have a lovely cracked screen now. To add insult to injury she just starts beating the shit out of my face as I’m STILL holding on to her. Now I know what you’re thinking, Why the fuck didn’t you beat the shit out of her? The only answer I can provide is that I’m just a lover not a fighter. The whole time she was punching me, I was trying to save my face aka my money maker and reason with her. So after a busted nose, a chipped tooth, and a couple of bruises later, I finally let go and she gets away.

At this point, the rest of the queens finally catch up and then the cops. I was so frazzled and upset that when asked for a physical description, I said the gayest thing that could have come out of my mouth, “She was a black tranny with Nene Leakes hair… Real Housewives of ATLANTA?… ANYBODY?! You’re in West Hollywood, learn our references!” Not even sorry about it. Bear in mind that I never really got a terribly good look at her face because most of the time I was chasing the back of her head or covering my face as she assaulted me. I decide to just try and make the best of the rest of my night and return to the bar, but at that point I was in such a foul and paranoid mood. Not even the cute guy that came up to me and told me I was incredibly attractive–WHICH IS NORMALLY ALL IT TAKES WITH ME, could deter me from being a bitch. My reply was a simple, “thanks. bye,” so to that cute stranger, if you’re reading this, get at me. It wasn’t until I was on my way home that I got an email saying that someone had left me a comment on THIS very blog from a Bob (THANKS BOB!) Who had found my wallet, I guess she saw me trolling the bar for her and just took the cash and ditched the wallet. My faith in humanity is somewhat restored. Normally, this WOULD be my life and I’d let it get to me, but I’m just going to turn this into a life lesson and laugh it off. Let’s just hope this is my lowest point of the new year. But if I ever see another tranny with Nene Leakes hair, you best believe that slut is going down.

Style-wise I was wearing a bow tie, I’ve missed them. So my 2013 style resolution is to wear more bow ties, what are your style resolutions?


I also started a youtube channel! A new exciting chapter so i can slowly ruin all your lives. HOORAY!


I’ve been a bad, bad blogger as of late. To make up for it here’s a shoot Dansk magazine did with my future ex-husband Sean O’Pry dressed head to toe in Givenchy F/W 2012. Corn rows, stars and nose rings? This must be what love feels like. Enjoy!






Happy Wednesday! Just a couple more days till we drink to forget we hate our lives. Here’s a little something to perk up the day.

Planet Blue is KILLIN’ it with their “Don’t Mind If I Do” look book for summer. I’m literally j’dying over all of this. Already thinking of incorporating these into my wardrobe. And I’m a MAN. ish.


That “Eat Shit and Diet” shirt is my everything.

Graduation is an endless roller coaster of emotions–We’re excited, sad, happy, worried, scared, and/or hungover. But  even as we battle such conflicting emotions, its important to remember: Stay pretty. “How shallow,” true, however think of it as peacocking for the real world. No one likes a busted looking graduate. So Happy graduation to all the new graduates, the real world sucks and the interest rates on your loans are ridiculous, but at least you look pretty. Well, one can only hope at least.

My lovely sister also recently graduated from Memphis College of Art and Design and we couldn’t be happier. Much love and luck for the future, sis.

I’m pretty much j’dying over this fish print dress ZARA had this season. I love how structured it was and naturally it had to be mine my sister’s for her final bow out to the world.

Fairy god mother who? 

Dress: ZARA

Jewelry: Luv AJ

Hey everyone, the looks from the Skirt Mullet shoot are finally out. Three fun ways to wear your asymmetric skirt so I can stop listening to your bitching about how you don’t know how to wear such a skirt.

Model: Tanya Cerda

Hair: Aaron Coleman

LOOK 1 // I.D.G.A.F

Pair the skirt with a nice slouchy sweater and pair of beat up boots for that casual but badass look.

sweater: ZARA skirt: ZARA 


Don’t be afraid to pair a nice chambray shirt with it. Everyone likes a good chambray. EVERYONE.



shirt: J.Crew skirt: ZARA Jewelry: Luv AJ 


If you want to dress it up a tad, pair it up with a nice flow-y blouse and play around with patterned tights. Here, instead of wearing the skirt the “right” way, we wore it off to the side for different dramatic effect. Sorry I’m not sorry about it.



You know what I’m obsessed with? Skirt mullets or as normal people call it, asymmetrical skirts. Slutty time in the front and classy lady in the back–What’s not to love?. Many have raised concerns on how “un-versatile” or “over the top” this piece is, but with my help you might find it will be one badass as piece that ends up going with everything.

Here’s a preview on some of the looks to come!

Studded bracelet, Double link ring, crystal shard necklace //   Luv AJ <– Get your badass bling here. 

Skirt // Zara





I love the Super Bowl (surprise), something about a group of men in skin tight pants tackling each other really brings the sportsman out of me. Wish football was a tad more trendy? Here’s your daily dose of a fashionably-clad football world. Image


In case you were wondering how I picked my team for this super bowl. Its simple: “Who has the hotter quarterback?” #gayboyswatchingsports



It’s the middle of the week, here’s you daily dose of awesome to hold you over till the weekend.

Detailed collars add a nice touch to your basic button-ups. Note to self: Get your bedazzler ready. Do I foresee a DIY project coming up? Yes. Yes I do.


Girls have all the fun.


Spring is amongst us, which means its time to start tackling bold patterns and colors.



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ImageI come to you today with a serious problem plaguing men–undershirts.  I have such disdain for useless under garments. Something about the way it just peeks out is just as offensive as an unwanted boner. Its just not aesthetically pleasing, so its best, like most other under garments, to keep it unseen or just do away with it. I’m all for the latter.

So why even wear an undershirt? After months of shamelessly approaching random strangers and berating them with questions here is what I’ve gathered:


“Because it absorbs sweat, and this is my nice shirt and I don’t want to ruin it”

ANSWER: a) Stronger deodorant. Extra strength if you need it.  b) Why are you even wearing your “nice shirt” during an occasion where you know you’ll be profusely dripping?

“This shirt is see-through and my nipples show”

ANSWER: a) Don’t buy a thin shirt, opt for a 2-ply instead. Shirts that thin are made to be worn under suits/ tuxes/ blazers. b) When did guys get so paranoid about a nip show? If girls can do it, more power to the boys. We’re all equal opportunists here.

But there are occasions where the undershirt works:

+ When its meant to be shown, like a layering piece and its obvious its shown on purpose.

+ V-neck, so at least it wont show.


If you’re not wearing a tie or bow tie, its ok to unbutton one more button. Go ahead. Its 2012 and you’re not a priest.

And if all else fails ask yourself: WWWD (What Would Willyum Do)

Your favorite (or soon  to be) Gaysian–Willyum, has started a blog.

“Why start a blog?” 

I need a creative outlet so I can stop drinking because I hate my life, but continue drinking cause life’s worth celebrating.

“WTF will this be about?”

Its a collective of inspirational things and people. Graphic Design, Fashion, illustration, terrible youtube videos, fun finds, yadda yadda. I’ll also be doing make overs (fun).

Welcome me with open arms, hearts, and legs